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Crosman - 1911

This TKO Moderator has been fitted to a wide range of air rifles and pistols. The smaller diameter .875" TKO can be fitted to more air rifles as the diameter allows some rifles to be filled and the cartridge to be filled/exchanged more easily. Call for more details if your airgun isn't listed.

This TKO Moderator now fits the new Crosman 2240XL:


Section 5:

High-Performance .875" TKO Stage-V Mod for Air Rifles... Threaded and Non-Threaded Models, Shipped to USA Addresses.
(See below for Gun Models.)

 $78.00 (Shipped to USA & PR)

Note: If your model isn't listed below, you can order the closest model,
and then add a Note To TKO about your specific order.

Please Select Model & Shipping
Note to TKO/Special Instructions

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Be sure to read our Shipping Policies before ordering!

6.5" TKO VMods for:

- Crosman 2240XL (Threaded Veersion)
- .22 and .177 Benjamin Maximus,
- QB78/QB79, QB Chief
- Hammerli Pneuma, Hammerli 850
- BSA, XS60
- AAS200/CZS200
- AriMax Varmint, Diana Stormrider (Stormrider uses same Mod as the AirMAx Varmint).

Contact us for VMods & Shrouds for other air rifles not listed here.

If ordering by mail, make checks or money orders
payable to and mail to:
Mike Tiehen (TKO)
323 S. 50th St
Omaha, NE 68132

Include a note with your email address with your order and we will provide a USPS Tracking number upon shipment.
Please be sure to read our
Shipping Policies before ordering.


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