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We offer a range of custom products:
Shrouds, trigger parts, upgrades, tuning services and much more
Best to give us a call about your custom needs, or drop us an e-mail.

Section 8: (NOTE... This is an archived version of an old website. Click here for the current website.

TKO 1911W and Discovery/C362 Trigger Kits

 $18.00 (Shipped to USA and PR... Cannot ship Internationally)

1911W - Fits any of the Crosman Pistols based on the 2240 pistol grip frame. It WILL NOT fit the Marauder Pistol, Woodswalker or the Crosman 1720T 2-stage trigger frames.

C362 - Fits the Benjamin Discovery, Crosman 2260 and the new Crosman C362 rifle.

(Some minor fitting may be required... see instruction sheet.)


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Be sure to read our Shipping Policies before ordering!

The New TKO 1911 Trigger Design with a wider finger pad.

New1911These are Resin 3D printed and only fit the Crosman 22XX guns with the 3-screw grip frame (Most all Crosman pistols made in the last 6 years are the 3-screw frame type. The original 1911 triggers are aluminum and fit both grip frame styles.)

The new design incorporates a few changes to the goemetry to create a lighter trigger pull than the original TKO 1911 trigger..




If ordering by mail, make checks or money orders
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Mike Tiehen (TKO)
323 S. 50th St
Omaha, NE 68132

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Please be sure to read our
Shipping Policies before ordering.


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